“Star of the Month” for September – “The Hand in Need”
2022-09-09 10:22:51
By Admin

Zhong Ding, a 2016 graduate from the department of Automobile Engineering at SANY Polytechnic College, is now in charge of after-sales servicing of excavators and loaders and the training of local dealers in Malaysia.  


On June 21 2022 in Malaysia, an SY55C excavator was rushed to the service center from a local dealer. It was an emergency because the excavator was due to be delivered to a major local client the next day. Failure to meet the deadline would cost the dealer its credibility.


Service engineer Zhong Ding was entrusted with the mission at that critical moment. Working together with the dealer, he soon located the hydraulic pump as the cause for concern, which was restored right away. The servicing took place from midday until 2pm, when the temperature felt like 50℃ with the peak local temperature and the heat of the machine combined.


The timely service saved the dealer from imminent loss and testified of SANY’s brand motto of “service first”.