SANY Science & Technology Festival 2022
2022-07-02 10:21:52
By Admin

The summit of SANY’s Science & Technology Festival 2022 was held on June 27. Global SANY employees in R&D-related sectors gathered at this festival created to celebrate them.


Xiang Wenbo, Chairman of SANY Heavy Industry, acknowledged the collaborative efforts of all employees which led to the record-setting global sales revenue over the past year of 25.7 billion USD and securing a spot on Forbes’ Global Top 500. Wenbo went on to advocate for an even greater effort still in promoting electrification, internationalization and digitization.


In 2021, SANY stepped up its investment in R&D. SANY completed 818 R&D projects, up 132% from the previous year; 3,947 patent applications were lodged, up 42% from 2020; 25 new lighthouse factories were built, improving productivity by 59%; and the total number of R&D staff reached 11,349.


Among SANY’s electrical products, the electric crane, the heavy truck and the reach stacker have become best sellers in China. Taking a global view, 128 products were released to international markets and have contributed to SANY’s milestone-setting sales revenue.

At the festival, 12 awards worth a total of $287,000 USD in cash were presented to 31 staff members and 56 teams who have made outstanding contributions to SANY’s R&D.


Out of all the award-winning digital technologies, the crawler crane load calculation system V2.0, the unmanned wide body mining truck fleet operation technology, and the application of visual recognition technology drew the most attention.  


The new-generation boring machine stood out the most among new products as did the 5-megawatt wind turbine.   

Key core processing technologies that were highlighted included  laser arc hybrid welding technology and robot automatic assembly and welding, the highest standard in the industry.